With the aim of delivering excellence and new approaches in blue collar recruitment on the Hungarian market, we established Blue Collar Solutions Ltd.

Based on many years of experience on the labor market, we have seen that there is a shortage of staffing firms that characterized by the right combination of multinational and local enterprises features – such as extensive network, professionalism, capital intensive, flexibility and commitment – and at the same time are able to cover recruitment and selection of the appropriate employees and operating shuttle services.

What differentiate Blue Collar Solutions from the competitors

Due to our professional experience we exactly know what means a clear benefit for our Clients during their recruitment process; starting from attracting candidates, through testing and selecting applicants and organizing optimized shuttles for employees.

Our proven efficiency based on the following aspects:

  • Flexibility,
  • Professionalism,
  • Commitment,
  • More than 10 years of experience in recruitment and local knowledge in the Miskolc region.

Blue Collar Solutions is a 100% Hungarian owned Ltd.