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Finding and retain the right workforce requires tremendous efforts from corporate HR & Recruitment teams, independently of company size. In the last couple of years the above trend was highlighted especially the recruitment of unskilled and semi-skilled blue collar workforce. Nowadays finding reliable and appropriately trained workforce might be one of the biggest challenges of production and manufacturing companies in Hungary.

Unreliable workforce might cause significant damage to the company in many areas. Any work is not carried out will decrease efficiency of production, and delays could even damage the company’s reputation.

In addition, overtime due to high fluctuations and absenteeism will result in burden extra work on active workforce, which might negatively effect on workplace atmosphere and generating fluctuation on long term, causing headaches for Team Leaders and HR professionals as well.

What differentiates Blue Collar Solutions from other recruitment companies?

Thanks to our many years of experience in recruitment of blue collar workforce we are able to deliver proven techniques and solutions for your blue collar staffing problems.

  1. Local Knowledge

    – We have been recruiting more than 15 years for production and manufacturing firms, whether they are local SMEs or multinational companies, operating in the North-East of Hungary.

  1. Proven Recruitment Strategy

    – Thanks to our extensive network and local knowledge, we exactly know WHEN, WHERE and HOW to address relevant professionals to find the right blue collar workforce for you.

  1. Guarantee

    – We guarantee a proven recruitment and selection method and professional workforce four you.

  1. Dedicated Team

    – Our team members have been working successfully for many years in the field of recruitment, specialized for blue collar recruitment, which ensures that they understand the expectations of employers and employees as well.

How do we work?


As a first step, we define position requirements and other specific aspects related to the selection of future employees. Then we start the recruitment. Our buses are equipped with public address systems, which allows us to target the selected recruitment area extensively at the same time.In the Client’s Region, during the Information Days we also provide company presentations and introduction about the positions to facilitate recruitment process.

Selection process

During the Information Days, we inform applicants in details about the job and task, the working conditions and available benefit packages. For Client request, we can present short corporate image videos or presentations that also strengthen employee commitment from the very beginning.After the briefing, we interview individually and personally all attendees. Based on the role requirements and/or for Clients request we also ask applicants to perform tests: eg. monotony tolerance, manual dexterity test, etc.

Call center, customer service

Via our Toll-Free-Telephone-Number, we are constantly receiving applications from job seekers. We also inform and updates active workers about routes and schedules of shuttle services.

Organizing shuttle services

The operation, performance, and efficiency of each company are greatly influenced by how easily employees get to the workplace by day to day.According to several employee satisfaction surveys, more than one third of respondents feel be stressed about how to get to work in time, mainly due to unpredictable public transport and traffic. On average it takes min. 45 minutes to travel to work every day for employees, but some of them travel 2-3 hours between work and home. With our organized shuttle services, we also offer a solution for those workers who otherwise would not be able to go to work; due to missed public transport connections, difficult accessible areas or lack of own car. Given the effectively organized shuttles, we managed to expand our recruitment region, reaching more potential applicants.

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