Solutions for industrial and blue collar recruiting

Recruitment&Staffing Services for Blue Collar Workers I Coordinated Shuttle Services I Transportation of Passengers

Recruitment and Staffing Services

Organizations are constantly striving to improve and grow. From time to time, especially in the peak times they need support in mass recruitment of blue collar workforce.

Based on your requirements, we assist you in finding the ideal workforce for your organization within a short period of time.

For Client request, during the Information Days we also provide company presentations and introduction about the positions to facilitate recruitment process.

Finding the ideal candidates for you we apply the recruitment techniques below:

  • With our dedicated team(15 people) and microbuses we distribute flyers about jobs in the target area
  • Creating job ads, coordinating off and online job postings and advertisements
  • Organizing Information Days: scheduling dates, coordinating reservation of venues
  • Active Relationship with Career Centers, Unemployment Authorities and Education Centers
  • Coordinating Recruitment and Selection process
  • Conducting tests: eg. monotony tolerance, manual dexterity test, etc.

Coordinated Shuttle Services

The way how employees get to work can have a huge impact on the operation, performance, and efficiency of the company.

Retention of employees can be challenging, so at times it worth to run satisfaction surveys to see whether they have other needs or have suggestions for travelling to work.